Transition Partners Group

The TPG Customized Program

At TPG, we customize career transition programs specifically for each executive and tenured manager because they deserve a more personalized and in-depth program, designed specifically for their needs, and at comparable costs to the company. Constant care is provided until the transition is successfully completed…and even after.

Although The Transition Partners Group Programs are focused on senior executives and more tenured employees, the process is flexible enough to be successful with any employee regardless of rank

Our Personalized Approach:

  • At an accelerated pace, we coach them through the stages of transition.

  • One-on-one meetings with our transition coach are scheduled to meet the needs of the executive.

  • Transition coaching is available to the executive 24/7/365.

  • Location of meetings are chosen by the executive.

  • TPG Partners follow each executive for a minimum of 90 days into the new career.

Key Program Elements:

  • TPG Transition Service Guidelines consist of a unique blend of formal and informal assessments and training to fully understand the executive’s career path and goals.

  • Teach the executive to build relational capital- The executive becomes well versed in the creation of relationship values that has  positive effects on her or his future employment.

  • In creation of the individual’s TPG profile, we mutually develop career and personal inventories (what, when, how) to understand career decisions and accomplishments.

  • Instruction & training in the power of networking.

  • Teach the executive to sell themselves via networking and interviewing skills.

  • We assist them in the development of a comprehensive Marketing Plan & job search strategies.

  • We support each executive in the strategic negotiation of  job offers.

  • The traditional services of resume review, cover letters, etc. are all included.

  • Finally, the TPG Partner provides customized onboarding and support even after finding the new position.